Conditions of Entry

Whilst visiting our store, customers must comply with our Conditions of Entry. Our Conditions ensure the safety of all visitors and the protection of our property.

Ritchies reserves the right to:

  • Search and inspect your bags, belongings, prams and mobility aids when leaving our store;
  • Only provide cash refunds or exchanges accompanied by a valid receipt (ID may also be required);
  • Ask that you produce photo identification when purchasing alcohol or tobacco; and
  • Refuse entry to any person.

Please do not:

  • Wear motorcycle helmets inside our store;
  • Consume alcohol or illegal substances, smoke or use e-cigarettes whilst visiting our store; and
  • Ride scooters, rollerblades, roller skates, skateboards, bicycles or similar items inside our store.

Please help us by:

  • Having proof of purchase of items purchased elsewhere;
  • Returning hand baskets & trolleys to our designated storage areas in store and car parks after use;
  • Putting your rubbish in the bins provided;
  • Wearing appropriate footwear when visiting our store. Take extra care if you are wearing thongs;
  • Using the safety strap for children when seated in the trolley seat. Adults must supervise children in trolleys at all times; and
  • Informing our friendly team of any hazards, wet floors or other risk in our store that they might not have seen.
  • Complying with Government directives.

Please note:

  • Animals, excepting registered assistance dogs, are not permitted in store; and
  • Our store is continuously monitored by surveillance (CCTV) cameras.

By entering our store, you consent to these Conditions of Entry

Thank you for your cooperation.